The secret of Kate Middleton’s beautiful skin.

Now you can have radiant skin like that of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton called attention to the BAFTA.
Not just because she is wearing a dress, but also because of her. She was unbelievably beautiful!
Deborah Mitchell is Kate’s beautician, and this week surprised everyone with a revelation: Kate Middleton takes care of the skin with homemade recipes, not super-expensive creams.

Deborah told us some of Kate’s most used recipes. Check it:

Nutella facial mask
It may seem strange, but hazelnut cream and chocolate moisturize the skin.

Banana and avocado cream
This cream will work miracles on your feet.
Just mix a banana with a little avocado. Then put the mixture into a sock and dress it for 30 minutes.

Green tea facial tonic
When you are tired green tea leaves your skin more luscious.

Coffee cream
If you suffer from dark circles, just mix some iced coffee with a mild, oil-free cream. Then just apply it under the eyes, using a cold spoon.

Sugar lips
Are your lips cracked? Then mix a little sugar with Vaseline. You will be surprised!

Did you like the tips? It does not seem too expensive to look beautiful like the Duchess of Cambridge, does she?
Then run to the kitchen and start making the recipes.