Salmonella can be effective in treating cancer

Despite killing more than 350 people a year in the United States, Salmonella can also save lives.

Salmonella is a microorganism present in rotten or foul-smelling eggs. In the United States more than 350 people die annually, victims of intoxication.
Scientists now believe that salmonella can save lives.
The journal Science Translational Medicine has published a study showing that salmonella causes the immune system to fight cancer cells more effectively.

When modified in laboratory salmonella produced a protein called flagellin B.
So the researchers applied this modified salmonella to rats with cancer.
According to the scientists, the procedure presented two results:
At first salmonella infected the tumors, and then stimulated the immune system of the mice.
of the 20 rats analyzed, 11 were completely cured of the tumors, without any side effects.

The research team was very excited about the result.
One of them, Joon Haeg Rhee, said: “We believe that our bacterial strain is safe and can be used as a treatment”

Scientists will continue with animal testing until they consider it safe to conduct tests on humans.
Now we must wait and hope for the success of this possible treatment.