Piercings continue trend in 2017

Before seen with prejudice, today the piercings are accessories almost indispensable.

People who like to produce themselves, who are vain and especially daring, love piercings.
In 2016 the piercings were very popular, and in 2017 the expectation is that they keep on top of the list of accessories that everyone likes.


Know now the 3 biggest tendencies of piercings in 2017:

Navel piercing
Navel piercing has been very successful in the past but has fallen by the wayside. By 2017 things will change, and navel piercing has returned to its golden days.


Septum piercing
Piercing in the septum is a great feat of last year, which promises to continue very strong in 2017.


Ear piercing
Ear piercing has never been as popular as piercing the septum, but has never fallen into oblivion like navel piercing.
The prediction for 2017 is that the ear piercing remains as one of the favorites of the most daring people.