Dermatologist gives tips for having perfect skin

Paula Bellotti is a Brazilian dermatologist, famous for caring for celebrities.
According to Paula, prevention and good nutrition are crucial factors in having beautiful skin.

In an interview with the Brazilian site , Paula said that for him it is very important that his patients look beautiful, but without exaggerating the aesthetic procedures, or losing their genetic characteristics.

Check out Paula’s response to some of the most frequently asked questions about skin care:

What is the secret to having beautiful and healthy skin?

” Preventing and doing homework early.” This awareness, too, is something I always do with my patients who have children, because it is important for the young man to understand that the skin is an organ attacked every day by external factors, Being the largest of them the sun, and needs to be looked after as such. It’s no use taking out a wrinkle or filling, if you do not take care of the basics.
I recommend including treating the child’s skin from the age of six months, especially if it is very light, avoiding exposure at undesirable times. In addition, I reinforce the importance of sunscreen, regardless of age: avoid exposing yourself too much to the sun, which is much stronger now. ”

Does supplementation work?

” Nutraceuticals, vitamin complexes with antioxidant substances, are extremely interesting in protecting skin, DNA, and internal aggression, but they play a supporting role in the story: it just does not work. Patients is to invest in healthy and balanced nutrition.
I indicate meat consumption because animal protein is the substrate for the body to produce collagen. If the person does not feed properly, even if he replaces all the vitamins with capsules, only part of it is absorbed, the rest is excreted. When ingested in the form of food, they are better absorbed. ”
And anti aging creams?

” There is scientific evidence that retinoic acid and its derivatives, such as retinol, stimulate the production of collagen, but there is no rule, as this is not a cake recipe. Hypersensitive, for example, because the product promotes a peeling and is photosensitizing. Correct would be another treatment.
The indicated cream depends a lot on the characteristics of the skin itself, if it has excess oiliness, or is photoaged. The better the person seek the appointment of a dermatologist to know which product is right for their skin. It’s not all that’s good for you, and only a professional can judge that. ”

What to do with pimples?

” Most importantly, in those cases, it’s never poking and avoiding self-medication.” I had another patient who put toothpaste in an attempt to supposedly dry my spine. Or those white cloves, which people know as corn.
This does not come out, as there is a capsule that needs to be broken carefully so as not to mark the person. But only in the doctor’s office or in the esthetician. Never at home. There are excellent drying sticks, many of them with salicylic acid in their formula. They are usually legal for such cases, but there are people who have sensitivity. Better ask a dermatologist to evaluate your case. ”
With these valuable professional tips you know what to do to take good care of your skin.