Consuming soy can prolong the lives of cancer patients

Women with breast cancer who consumed soybeans had a 21% lower risk of death.

The consumption of food with soybeans has grown every year.
And now the strength is of an even greater increase.

Cancer magazine has published a Tufts University study that has excited many people.
This study shows that women with breast cancer reduced their risk of death by 21%.
It’s an impressive number, no doubt.

More than 6,000 women participated in the study. All Canadian or American.
For 9 years they fed on a diet rich in soy.
Soy is isoflavone, and therein lies the secret.

According to the researchers, isoflavone has the power to prevent cancer, or slow its growth.
Despite the good news, scientists still do not fully understand how isoflavone works in the body.
Then new studies will be carried out.

In recent years we have seen several discoveries of methods to fight cancer.
Scientists from around the world are committed to finding effective treatment, and the expectation is that in the near future this will be a reality.