7 tips to sleep better

Proper sleep is key to a healthy life.

Several problems can arise if you do not sleep well, such as low immune system, obesity and lack of memory.

Learn how to have a peaceful sleep every night:

Suitable temperature
You will not have a peaceful sleep if you sleep in a warm room.
The recommended temperature is at least 21 ° C.
But I, in particular, prefer a little more cold. 🙂

For a good sleep, your body produces melatonin.
And any kind of light can disrupt this production. So try to sleep in a very dark room, with no televisions or lights on.

Ideal time
Studies show that when you sleep between 11pm and 1am, your body recharges your energies better.

Keep a routine
When you keep a certain time to go to sleep, your body is already accustomed. So sleep is easier at this time, and sleep is more pleasurable.

Hot shower
Taking a warm bath before bed will ensure a good night’s sleep.
You warm up your body in the bath, and when it begins to cool, your brain understands that it is time to rest.

Calm mind
Try not to stimulate your brain for at least 1 hour before bed. Avoid stressful activities like games, studies, conversations …

Stay away from caffeine
We all know that caffeine is a stimulant to prevent sleep. What few people know is that it takes more than 5 hours for the caffeine to leave your body.
By following these easy tips, you will notice an incredible difference in your sleep!
Sleeping will be much more relaxing and invigorating.