6 Tips for Getting More Energy During the Day

Do you feel very tired during the day? Then know how to have more energy.

A survey conducted in Brazil shows an alarming situation. The epidemic of tiredness.
According to the survey, 98% of Brazilians feel tired. 61% of respondents go further. They say they feel extremely exhausted.

The situation in Brazil is the same in most countries. A lot of work, housekeeping, appointments, little time for leisure …
People’s day seems shorter due to everyday excitement. This in addition to fatigue causes stress.


To improve your day and give you more energy, let’s give you 6 valuable tips:

Cherish your sleep

Sleep in a dark room, avoid smartphones and tablets before bed, and try to stay away from the noises.
We did a post on how to have a better sleep.

Short sleep during the day
A University of California study says sleeping 30 minutes in the afternoon invigorates your energy.
You gain more concentration and willingness to close your day.

Do not be sedentary

Practicing physical exercises will help you to be more energized and energized, and less stressful.
Half an hour’s walk is enough. And it does not have to be the whole week! Only 5 days.

Organized environment

Princeton University says living in a messy environment raises stress. This causes discomfort and fatigue.
Therefore, clean and organized environments make you feel more willing for your daily activities.

Omega 3 and moisturizing

Studies indicate that not moisturizing properly leaves you feeling unwell and lacking energy.
In addition, Omega 3, found in fish, make you less tired and more moody.

Fresh air

A study in Scotland says that breathing clean air, and getting closer to nature, reduce the levels of anxiety. So you become more willing and more energetic.


With these tips your days will be much more enjoyable.
Let the tiredness! Life is too short to be discouraged! 🙂