5 mistakes people make when showering.

These habits can harm the health of your skin.

We all love to take a shower, and everyone has their manners and customs when it comes to washing their bodies.
But some harmful habits are quite common.
Check it:


1- Take a long time in the shower

Spending a lot of time under the shower or inside the tub will dry your skin.


2- Very hot water

People love to relax in a hot bath, but dermatologists warn: Very hot water is a bad habit!
This happens because the hot water eliminates the natural oils of the body, and this causes dryness, as well as lingering bath.


3- Sponges

Some people love to use sponges to wash themselves. But the sense of cleanliness is false! The sponge accumulates dead skin, germs and bacteria. If you do not want to stop using your sponge in the bath, then wipe it after use, and store it in the appropriate place.
And NEVER share it!


4- Shower only in the morning

Some people are not in the habit of taking a shower at night, and that is a problem.
The most appropriate is the bath before bed, to eliminate all the pollution of your skin.
If you love to take a shower in the morning, okay. But take a shower at night too.


5- Use moisturizer only after drying the body

You do not need to dry your body to use moisturizing cream. If you use it with damp body the effect will be much higher!